Eat Your Garbage

For those who know me, I love my Garbage Pans. That’s right: I eat my garbage… well, sort of. Almost every week I end up throwing together a pan of whatever looks like it’s about to get funky (not-so) fresh in my fridge and whip it into excellence. Here, is how I eat my garbage…-ish.

First, let’s talk about exactly what I’m talkin’ about. I’m talkin’ about eating the stuff that is about to get weird in your fridge. Continue reading


Don’t Cater Your Life to Your Diet, Cater Your Diet to Your Life

IMG_20170617_143439386_HDR.jpgEating what you want, when you want, while still doing the things you love. Yes, I believe in exactly just that. I believe that I can not only achieve my goals to stay healthy and fit, but I can do it all without sacrificing my love of food and adventure!

Back in 2013, I made the decision to lose weight and take control of my life again. After gaining 25 pounds after high school, I was feeling lumpy, unmotivated, and not nearly as photogenic as I used to. It was a picture of me and my little, petite friend Ally that woke me up to the “new me” that I had truly become. It was in that moment that I decided: I choose a healthier me.

Almost five years later and 30 pounds down (YES. I am in better shape than I was in high school!), I live my life to the fullest while staying lean and eating delicious food! Here’s how I do it. Continue reading

Swole Kitchen: Cooking with Plant Based Protein Doesn’t Have to Suck

I’ll be the first to tell you that cooking and baking with plant-based protein is not for the faint of heart. It will leaved you frustrated, confused, and looking for a glass of water faster than the chalky glob can squish between your teeth . . . I might be a little jaded, but, never fear, if there is a will there is a way!

Protein pancakes, protein banana bread, protein sludge bars (I’ll be referencing these guilt-free morsels of goodness below), making all of your delicious favorites packed with plant-based protein is a total possibility!

Now you may be thinking, “Why PBP?” (We’ll be calling plant-based protein PBP from now on…) Well, my tummy doesn’t do the best with dairy or soy based products, so soy-free, PBP is my go to for supplementing additional protein into my diet to help my muscles can grow big and strong! I do concede that it is a little more expensive than your common whey isolate, but being able to consume food that doesn’t make you feel like a sack of crap afterwards is totally worth it to me.

Before we get to the niddy-griddy, I would like to share with you my favorite Continue reading