Life’s Little Breaks: Getting Back on Track

The Holidays. Oh-so-loved by all for the rib stickin’ good food, hilarious times, and much-needed vacation that comes with them. There is really nothing like getting to spend quality time with fresh-baked pie, your loved ones, and (hopefully) yourself as you take in not having to go back to work until the New Year. But, now it’s over.

All that time that you got to spend not having to worry about your next work deadline, your New Year’s resolutions, or whether or not you have to put on pants that day are gone. Today you have to, once again, retrain your brain to focus on the things that are required for regular everyday adulting.

Welcome back to the real world.

Sitting here reflecting on my time spend away from my 9-5 and my other responsibilities, I feel like break time over the holidays can really go both ways. You can either use the time to: (1) recharge your batteries to get your booty in gear to embrace and crush those New Year’s resolutions/goals or (2) put your mind and body into a sense of complacency that leads to looking at your new set of resolutions/goals and snickering as you take another bite of one of those famous leftover Christmas cookies while laying on the couch in your “groutfit” of shame.

This week is your “moment of truth” per say. How you decide you want to interpret your time off, whether to fuel or hinder, is completely up to you. I strive for Option 1. 🙂

Over the holidays, I am always incredibly grateful for the memories I make. This year I made my family’s passed down sauerkraut recipe for the first time with my mom and provided sustenance to my Polish people. And, (like every year before) I laughed so hard until I cried with my friends and family. I am eternally blessed by those I have chosen to surround myself with and I owe my happiness and success to them completely. There’s no way I could do it all without them all.

After some much-needed R&R with the fam, my heart is full and ready for the new year. Taking the time to dedicate to your loved ones is such a great way to refuel your mind and spirit. By putting yourself in the right mindset, you will help propel yourself towards the true intentions of your heart. Refocusing your inner self will give you the chance to reevaluate your direction and ensure you are moving towards what you truly value.

While I have been taking some time off from work and time away from my regular responsibilities, I have been doing my best to try to stay within my healthful habits, as difficult as that may be. Over my stay in Florida, I have successfully made it to the gym a couple of times (yesterday was chest and arms, today back and abs) and haven’t completely lost site of what I am consuming while I am here. With an experienced bartender on hand (thanks, Uncle) it’s difficult to say no to a cold brewski or a cherry vodka lemonade, but I am pacing myself better than I would have at 22.

I write this completely detached from my normal routine, but I am starting to feel the goal crushing itch. My little hiatus has served as a distraction from real life and now is the time to start mentally preparing to get things back on track. As I approach the end of my vacation time, I am getting excited to get back to what I do best: check boxes.

How do you fuel your success? Do you find that the holidays refuel you or are a set back in your progress? Leave me a comment and let’s talk about it. 🙂

With all the food, fun, and family motivating my goals, I am feeling like nothing can stop me and I’m looking forward to getting back to the grind.

Stay motivated.




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