30 Day Challenge: 30 Days of No Makeup

This has been life changing. I had no idea how 30 days would change my perception of myself and who I am. (Never knew makeup could be so powerful, huh?) I sit here writing as a changed woman.

When I first started this 30-day challenge I was skeptical. I thought that I would still want to go back to my makeup. I would feel insecure about myself and the moment Day 30 hit, I would go running back to all my tinted lotions and eye-opening potions. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get over the “incompleteness” that I felt when I looked in the mirror with nothing but my skin. (And mascara, but the reason why I didn’t give that up is in my other post…


A few little blemishes, but clean and clear!!

But, I didn’t. Today is Day 30 of my challenge and I’ve changed. I’ve gone from being addicted to concealer to falling in love with my skin. Before I started this, I couldn’t remember the last time I had gone more than one day without makeup. My brows were never thick enough, my skin never bright enough, my eyes never big enough.

Looking to social media, I feel like I’m constantly barraged with women with perfect skin, perfect makeup, just “perfect faces”. For someone who looks at their real life face in the mirror everyday, it can be hard to see something that is “acceptable” without feeling that it’s just not. Take another look to celebrities. How often do you see a woman who looks really natural? Who really looks like they told the makeup artist prepping them for the camera, “I just want a fresh, clean look. No fab. No glitter. No dramatic eye. No dramatic lip. I just want to look natural.”?

Now, I understand when you’re in a profession that may call for a full face of makeup. I’m no makeup artist or model or have any other profession that relies on makeup to be able to do my job. But, what I want to know is this: When did it become unprofessional for women to not wear makeup? Now, I understand men need to keep a groomed face, have or trim to keep things under control. But, when did a contour become a requirement for looking put together? 

I know that at one point women “couldn’t leave the house” without some rouge and pink on their pout, but we’ve come so far past that. Today’s society is trying to get better. With more and more ad campaigns pushing for “real” beauty, a woman who doesn’t want to spend at least 15 minutes on makeup in the morning is more accepted by the masses. More women are trying to accept the skin they are in and pushing aside the latest “full coverage yet feels light on your skin” foundation.

Today, I’m there and I am with you lazy women! This morning was the first morning that I could put on makeup and I sat in the bathroom trying to relearn how to fill in my eyebrows, realized I couldn’t do a sufficient job any more, rubbed it off, and just swiped in some brow gel. I then followed up with some lip color that I hastily rubbed onto my lips and walked out the door.

IMG_20171221_204537441_HDRMy new morning arsenal is much sparser than the previous armory that I had listed before. Here’s to the short list: mascara, brow gel, eyeliner, and chapstick (most of the time). Which means that my morning routine has maybe gotten a minute or two longer if I decide to swipe in brow gel and smudge my eyeliner on.

Overall, this is the best challenge idea that I could have tried for my first 30-day challenge go around. We’ll see if I eventually go back to my old habits, but for now I am grateful (and so is my skin) for a break from all the makeup. I can’t believe I had sustained such a practice for so long… So, here’s to clear, clean skin all day long, not breaking the bank to make it look like that, and saving some much needed morning time that could instead go to sleep. 🙂

Did you join me on my challenge? Are you inspired to give it a go? Do you have an idea for my next challenge? Leave me a comment and I’ll give it a whirl!

I am with you lazy women. 





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