30 Day Challenge: Day 10 No Makeup

I am a third of the way through my makeup-free challenge! So, how’s it going? Well, I’ll start by saying that I came into this with a lot of skepticism. After wearing makeup almost every single day for the past five years, it was hard for me to initially go from what I thought was “fab” to “drab”.

How have I been coping? Let’s just say that I should have done this a lot sooner! After only ten days, I have found a new freedom in not taking 15-20 minutes out of my morning to do my makeup. Running a little close on time walking out the door? No worries! My face is literally just ready to go. Just throw on mascara and chapstick and walk on out that door. When I go through my nighttime routine, I don’t have to spend extra time ensuring that I have adequately removed all of the face cake I had put on that is now mixed with the day’s dirt and oils. I wash my face adequately, but not having to do a double cleanse to first get off the makeup and then cleanse my pores.

For those of you wondering why I kept mascara throughout this challenge, it’s because I don’t want to get into the habit of rubbing my eyes. The skin around your eyes is so thin and loses elasticity over time. I am looking to do whatever I can to decrease the chances of having bags under my eyes when I’m older!

Now, instead of spending time covering up my skin, I actually spend time taking care of my skin! That’s right. This lack of makeup has opened a whole new door to ensuring that I am taking extra great care of my skin, because there’s nothing like the motivation of not having the option of covering up a blemish to actually make you prevent blemishes!

snapchat-359259791.jpgWhat am I doing to leave my face feeling smooth as porcelain and glowing like the sun? The basics: cleanse, exfoliate, and moisturize! In the mornings, I use diluted castille soap to cleanse, exfoliate with a scrub every other day, and then moisturize with a day cream, a few drops of coconut oil serum, and a drop of tea tree oil. All of this combined let’s my skin breath, but also ensures that the moisture stays with it all day long! At night, I once again cleanse with diluted castille soap and then moisturize with a night cream, a few drops of coconut oil serum, and a drop of lemongrass oil. I have found that adding the tea tree oil and lemongrass oil have helped to significantly cut down on my overall oil production throughout the day and have really brightened my skin tone.

Please, please, please be careful when using essential oils on your face. I can speak from experience when I say. IT. WILL. BURN. I used one too many drops of lemongrass oil when I first started and it felt like my face was going to singe off. Not a fun experience. Literally thought I was going to have a scab  for a face. Terrifying. Ensure you’re always spot testing and properly diluting all oils before application. I digress…

Kicking makeup to the curb and taking care of my skin has been a great experience thus far. There are often times I see girls with cute makeup on TV or on Instagram and start daydreaming about how I will do my makeup again when these 30 days are over, but I am also thinking about how I can get the feeling of doing a little bit of makeup without actually using much of anything. Maybe just a winged eyeliner? We shall see.

For now, I am enjoying my time without the pressure of deciding whether or not I should contour, what color eyeshadows I should mix to go with my outfit, and, most of all, not worrying about whether or not I am rubbing off one of my eyebrows.

Let me know if you have joined me on this quest to face nirvana and leave me a comment! Didn’t see my first post and want to join in on the fun a little late? Better late than never. I am here to support you whether it be day one or day 25! 🙂

So, here’s to 20 more days of extra time and extra glow!



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