Girls Who Lift: No, You’re Not Going to Look Like Mr. Olympia

This weekend I had a fun time sitting in a coffee shop listening to yet another person bash girls who lift weights. He dissed how awful it was to see women who were strong and muscular. Women lifting heavy weights and owning the weight room. It is important for me to share with you why I started lifting, the different lifting programs that you can follow, and the benefits of lifting that I have learned along my journey to Swolehalla. Why I became a Swole Sister

I have been an athlete my whole life, but had only been in the weight room in a very mediocre and beginner capacity. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing and had no idea what most lifts are called. Conventional deadlifts verses Sumo deadlifts verses Romanian deadlifts (yes, those are all a thing) were far from my “lifting repertoire”. The idea that I could know anything about the weight room, where the dreaded free weights and squat racks lived, and what I could do in there was way too intimidating to even attempt.

It was in January of this year, after doing a lot of online research, that I finally crept into the weight room. I specify this because the internet is literally one of your best resources for learning about lifting. The number of videos dedicating to teaching form and the do’s and don’ts of lifting is amazing. Anything you want to know, need to know, and didn’t think you wanted to know are online and in a video. Not to mention the number of lifting plans out there considered to be the next greatest path to gainz greatness that have ever been written. I do leave a disclaimer for you here: Be careful. Some of the stuff online is crap and just put out there to lure you into their money sucking pit. Do some adequate research and don’t pay for advice when there’s more than enough good info out there for free.

My journey didn’t begin long ago (approximately 10 months), but as someone who has discovered the magical properties of strength training in the weight room I have to defend it for all women out there. If you lift weights, you are not automatically going to get super veiney. You are not automatically going to “bulk up” and, by golly, your voice is not going to get deeper.

Are your clothes going to fit differently? Absolutely, because one of the many benefits of lifting weights is toning up and having all those flubby spots go back to where they’re supposed to be. After I started lifting I noticed an immediate change in my body. My waist got smaller, my legs and arms looked more toned, and I began to feel strong! Feeling strong was is incredible and is the most empowering reason that I lift.

In addition to the physical aspect of feeling strong, there is nothing quite like walking into the weight room, looking around, seeing you’re the only female in there, and then lifting some heavy weights like you own the place. I welcome all of you Swole Sisters to the weight room. We shall commune together and get ripped.

Now, I use ripped in the toned and lifted sense, not the body builder sense. It takes A LOT of protein and a whole lot of determination to go from natural athlete to balloon mode behemoth. If you are lifting, following a balanced macro diet, and not cutting your calories drastically you’re going to see basic fit and toned results. That body that you’ve been yearning for in a bikini? You’ll probably get there with lifting, not with cardio.

So, what are the different lifting plans that you can follow? Well, it all depends on the results you’re looking for. I like being strong and getting stronger, so I follow a basic PPL (push-pull-legs) progression, which focuses on the three main powerlifts (bench pressing, deadlifting, and squats) with accessory lifts and increases my weight every four weeks. But, when I was trying to look more like a bikini competitor (I found out very quickly that I love food way to much to diet like those fit and fabulous women), I followed a different regimen that worked less on increasing weight and more on building a physique. Whatever you want to gain from your workout plan, there is a plan out there for you. You just scour a few internet searches for it.

What I also want to insist in this post is this: You are never going to look like that person in your goal bod photo. Why? Because that person is not you. The body that you end up having, that you have worked so hard for is all yours. Every curve and crevice that you have is yours and yours alone. 🙂

So, why did this all begin? The number one reason that I started lifting was I looked at pictures of girls who lift and thought to myself: That can be me. That fit and strong chick who is lifting heavy weights and looking totally kick butt in a dress for a fancy night out, that can be me. And then I decided to go for it. I decided that I could take control of my fitness plan, educate myself, and become one of those fit, strong chicks that look great all dolled up to go out and lifting your awkward, heavy couch on move day.

I encourage you, sisters! Come to the swole side. Come lift weights and get the body that your cardio workouts will never make for you. Come get strong and confident. Grunt with me as we pick up and set down heavy stuff.

Because being strong is sexy, inside and out. 

Do you love lifting too? Do you have nerves about walking into the weight room? Do you need a fellow swole sister to be your new weight lifting accountabilibuddy? Leave me a comment and let’s talk about lifting. 🙂



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