30 Day Challenge: No Makeup

IMG_20171120_095534702.jpgThis is exactly what you think it is.

30 Day No Makeup Challenge

(disclaimer: except mascara, because love lashes)

Many of you may be thinking that this sounds like an easy challenge to crush. That waking up in the morning and just walking out the door might be exactly what you do and starting your day without makeup is another one of those things that comes naturally. But, for a lot of others out there, like myself, this isn’t easy.

Since I have been in high school (over 10 years and counting), I have been wearing makeup. For at least the last five years I have worn makeup almost every single day, no fail. Today, I have identified in myself, that after all of these years of wearing makeup, I actually feel uncomfortable leaving the house without any on. Example: Yesterday, I went to a Green Bay Packer game in less the 30 degree weather. I knew two things would happen if I put on any makeup: 1) my filled in eyebrows would get rubbed off by my hat in less than 10 minutes after putting it on and 2) the cold air would make my eyes water and turn the smokey look I usually wear into a smudgy, awful mess. What did I do? I still applied everything I knew would get ruined. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving the house without it. To be able to “look cute” in the game time photos I had to have something on.


My 30 Day Arsenal: long lashes and moist lips.

A lot of mornings I think to myself that I will wear less makeup today than the day before, but it usually ends up becoming a snowball effect and I put on everything that I always do, which results in: tinted moisturizer, blush, highlighter under my eyes, jaw line, nose, lids, and upper lip, filled in eyebrows, smokey eye shadow, eyeliner, primed lashes, mascara, and usually some lip color of some sort. This routine takes me at least 15 minutes to do Every. Single. Day. 

If I spend 15 minutes a day applying my makeup, that accumulates to almost two hours a week. Over the course of one year, doing my makeup 15 minutes everyday, that will have accumulated to dedicating over 100 hours to applying makeup! For someone who is only at work, the gym, or at home lounging with my cat, I’m not caught in many situations that require a full face of makeup or any at all for that matter. One hundred hours is a lot of time that could be dedicated to reaching other goals which are more important to me!


My recent 1920’s recreation for Halloween.

Don’t get me wrong — makeup is fun! To me makeup is like a little art project on my face. I find that I spend time coordinating my makeup to whatever quirky outfit I put on that morning and have fun with the art of illusion (which is basically what makeup is). Making my eyes look bigger is always the goal. I love trying to make my eyes look green, even though they’re blue, and making them pop on my face.

But, the insecurities that I have not leaving the house without any on far outweigh the enjoyment I have from applying it. After years of over plucking, my eyebrows aren’t what they used to be, so not filling them in makes me self-conscious. I have hooded eyes, so not darkening my upper lid to appear smaller and my lower lid to sink my eyes in and look “more exotic” makes me feel plain. On my upper lip, I have some discoloration, which is just another thing on my list of insecurities.


No filters will be applied to any of my makeup free photos!

I lay all this out now, because this challenge is for me to put those behind and focus on the positives; for me to learn new things about myself along these 30 days and give my skin the love and care it deserves. Because, there’s nothing like going makeup free to inspire you to take better care of your skin!

If you’ve done something like this or want to join me in my challenge, leave a comment below! I’ll be giving updates on how I feel throughout this challenge and would appreciate encouragement or tips you have for me along the way. And if you want to do it too, I will be your biggest cheerleader!

Here’s to 30 days (pretty much) makeup free and embracing the skin I’m in!




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