Making Your Own Adventure: NYC’s High Line

IMG_20170907_140028788_HDRVisiting New York City is one of the most incredible experiences I have had thus far as a baby explorer within the US. From the architecture, to the incredible cultural diversity, and the uniqueness pouring out of every crevice. Every time I looked in a new direction I saw something different and interesting that caught my eye and made me thankful for the incredible adventure I was embarking upon. One of my favorite highlights from my trip was NYC’s famous High Line.

The juxtaposition between urban and natural makes for such a refreshing take on the city. In an area with such limited green space, the creativity put into this attraction is surely not to disappoint.

So, what is the High Line?

Well, the High Line used to be an old, elevated railway that shut down after its use had run its course. (Pun intended.) Today, Friends of the High Line have transformed this once condemned and ready for demolition track into a NYC landmark and must see stop on a maiden (or even repeat) voyage to the city. Within the foliage over taking the edges of the High Line walking path, you could still see the tracks of the railway that once carried essential goods for the people of NYC.


Located on the west side of the borough of Manhattan, the High Line snakes its way over city streets offering views that were once inaccessible to the public and feature the true grit of what makes New York City New York City.

With each step I took down the High Line, I heard someone speaking in a new language I had yet to already hear that day. I couldn’t count how many different languages I heard while I was up there! From East Asian to Slavic to your classic Parisian speaking French, it was such an immersive experience being surrounded by so many cultures in just one place. To me it felt like the perfect representation of the cultural diversity that is New York City.




I wasn’t bored for a second on the High Line, snapping pictures left and right. Watching others do that same with their camera phones to their professional cameras. I wouldn’t be surprise if there was someone up there that day taking their head shot to get their next big break. The High Line was an incredibly unique backdrop for any photo.



Along the way we were not only impressed by the artistry of the buildings around us, but also the surprise art displays along our walk. Here, we found a pair of carefully crafted shoes featured by an artist. There was never a boring moment along the old railway as you took in the city, the High Line itself, and the unique compositions displayed along your journey.

In addition to the juxtaposition of the High Line itself, the architectural contrast along our walk was something that you couldn’t miss. From the old brownstones to the new mirror glass luxury apartments, there was something along the route for everyone’s taste.



I was so grateful to have gotten to experience such a unique part of New York City and immerse myself in the true culture of what the communities have to offer. Whether you’re looking for something new, something old, something modern, or something whimsical, the High Line is sure not to disappoint. For a whopping zero dollars I was able to experience this wonder of the city and would encourage anyone making the trek out to NYC to mosey on down the line and take in this incredible piece of art in itself.

This was one of my favorite spots in the city, but what’s yours? I’m already contemplating my next trip out and I would love to hear about your own experience in the great city of New York and go somewhere that you loved too!




Tell me what you think!

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