Be the Snowball: Generating Your Life’s Momentum

The Snowball Effect. We’ve all heard of it. The once little snowball packed by tiny hands at the top of the sledding hill suddenly comes barreling down larger than life. Little do most of us know: this is your life.

Have you ever just gotten into a habit without even realizing it? Just started doing something and then one day have a realization where you become conscious of the fact that you have begun touching the tip of your nose to avoid touching the rest of your face so that you don’t keep breaking out because of your dirty, grubby fingers and it’s actually kind of weird? (May or may not be a person example…) Well, it happens to a lot of us and it can be used to your advantage!


The clock in my bedroom the constantly keeps me on time in the mornings.

I have a routine, or a string of habits, that I go through almost everyday when I get ready for work. I start by immediately scrolling my phone for blue light stimulation to start waking my brain up for the day. Right after that, I chug some water, which I always have available next to my bed because I filled it up the night before (another habit of mine). I then get out of bed and immediately make it. Yes, as soon as my feet hit the floor the sheets are back, the covers are smoothed, and all of the pillows are piled up in their appropriate place. From here I shower and/or get dressed, do my hair, my makeup, put on my deodorant, and brush my teeth, all in that order. Now that I am publicly presentable, I make my way into my kitchen to grab my green drink for the drive in, prepped meal for lunch, and protein shake for my afternoon snack. And, right before I leave my apartment, I give my kitty fresh water, a scoop of food in her dish, do a brief scooping of the litter box, and tell her to have a good day on my way out the door.

That is almost literally what I do every morning before I go to work.


An actual screenshot of my own “habits”.

How did I end up with such on point mornings? Walking out the door without fiddling around for things? Well, lists, of course, and there’s an app for that! Habits. This app is essentially how I started to remember to do the things that I really wanted to get into the habit of doing and I now have gotten to the point where I do them without even thinking.

My best friend pointed out to me not long ago that “once you get started you just keep going” and that is so true! So many times it is just the act of getting started that is all you need to be able to get the ball rolling.

This commonly happens to me with writing. I sit and procrastinate, but then once my fingers start going on the keyboard, the words just flow. I am someone who likes to learn a lot about the things that I enjoy, so my love of writing has led me to learn more about writers and their own struggles with writing, word count, and sticking with it. It is a profession that requires so much dedication and discipline.

Screenshot_20170928-093525.pngRecently, I started listening to Sarah Painter’s podcast, The Worried Writer. Here, she interview writers about their struggles and what they do to get through and so far there has been a common theme. Even with something they enjoy so much, such as writing, they still have to push themselves to get started. Some days are more treacherous than others trying to get the words out, but nonetheless they do!

I can sit and say that this exact blog post is an example in itself. Today, I was unmotivated and putting off sitting with my laptop in front of me to get out these words. But, you know what? As I sit here writing this I feel accomplished and inspired! Because I am not doing any of this because I have to, but because I know that I want to inspire people through my own words and share my something with the world.

Now, this example has a lot of heart behind it compared to the habit of unloading the dishwasher everyday, but I share that because it’s just about getting started. That no matter what you are doing, whether it be cleaning out your car, not forgetting to put on deodorant before you leave the house, or writing your first book, it’s all about taking the first step so that you can gain momentum and keep it.

So, here’s to stepping forward and not looking back. Making sure you put the toothpaste back in the cabinet or fixing your lunch for work the next day.

See the snowball, be the snowball, and harness the day’s momentum.



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