Choosing You: Yes, you deserve it!

Have you ever taken a moment to really think about yourself as deserving? I mean really sat and thought, “Wow, I deserve my own care and love.” Some of us have, some of us think we do, and some of us forget about ourselves all together. Today, I challenge you to choose you!

In the day and age of social media, we are constantly bombarded by a plethora of images depicting photoshopped booties, beautifully staged meals, and “everyday” moments that seem to never actually occur in the life of someone who has to work an average 40+ hour a week job and doesn’t have a nutritionist or at-home trainer. Now, I’ll be the first to say that I am a very big fan of Snapchat filters, but I am not killing myself to try and look like the latest socialite on the cover of your local grocers tabloid magazine. My food may end up looking pretty darn awesome and delicious (if I do say so myself), but I cannot tell you the last time it took me over thirty minutes to cook a meal just for myself. Those bodies that you see without cellulite, perfectly sculpted, and devoid of bloat? Many months went into maintaining that physique without stopping to drink a glass of wine or enjoy a good carton of Halo Top ice cream. That to me, my friends, is not living.

Within the past five years, I struggled with binge eating while I worked my way through a bout of depression. I purposefully ate myself up to 180 pounds, because I thought that that’s what I deserved. The belief that I was beautiful on the inside and could embrace the beauty of my heart and soul shining through to the vessel that was carrying me through life was nowhere near the surface.

Before I made the life altering decision to discontinue graduate school, I was sitting eyeball deep in textbooks, walking towards a mountain of debt, and moving towards goals that I believed were my own. I was overworked, underloved, and feeling forgotten about. The day I decided that my own happiness and freedom should be my priority changed my life in ways I never thought were even possible.

Today, I choose me. I choose to make decisions for myself that will grow my beauty within. Everyday is a new discovery about myself. I am quirky, crafty, athletic, and more than strange at times, but I’ve found that when I let my freak flag fly my people embrace each and every awkward moment.

Choosing you is so much more than giving yourself a moment to relax and unwind. I mean really CHOOSE YOU. Embrace who you are and choose yourself as the recipient of your own care and admiration! The beauty seen by your closest admirers should be reflected in your own eyes when you look in the mirror. You deserve your own self-love.

I love being active and I have learned to stay dedicated to keeping my body moving. When I go to the gym I reap so many benefits: eat more delicious food while maintaining a healthy physique and, most importantly, the gym gives me at least three hours a week that are just about me. While I’m there I am not working for anyone else. The time that I spend working out is mentally dedicated to my own personal gains and what I want to accomplish as an athlete. Yes, I have seen the bodies of females fitness models and good for them! I am proud of how dedicated they are to their own aesthetic goals. Me? I want to be able to still go to a Brewers game, drink good craft beer, and eat brachos (bratwurst inspired nachos) while still squeezing my booty into my favorite pair of hot pants to go out for a night of dancing!

Your life is the life that you choose to make. No one else can be the narrator of your story. It is up to you to adjust your habits and goals to best suit who you aspire to be. The title of this blog is “Real Life Imagined”. Today is about turning your real life into the life that you thought was only a figment of your imagination. Today you can choose to invest in yourself and move towards the beauty that you have always aspired to be. Your life can be the life of your dreams if you adjust your goals to move towards your imagined life.

Today, I am 30 pounds down from my heaviest weight, I am paying off, the much smaller amount of, debt I accrued from graduate school, and I am surrounding myself with people I love while going on amazing adventures. The me that I am now: I worked hard to get here. The things I do, the people I surround myself with, and the memories that I am blessed with are all a result of the choices that I have made. The beauty I am surrounded by did not fall into my lap overnight and it probably won’t for you either. It is important to note that today is time that you can invest in your tomorrow.

Now, I could sit and write about this subject for an eternity, because I am so passionate about people taking control of their lives, but I’ll leave you with this:

Now is your time.

Today is your day.

Choose you.

Choose love.

And live your imagined life … because you deserve it!


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