The Slump: Reconnecting with Life’s Spark

Everyone knows what I’m talking about (in one way or the other): the slump. When you end up feeling like your life is just kind of your life. You go through the motions. You see all the beauty around you, but you’re not feeling the spark in your soul that you yearn for. I’ve been feeling this the past few weeks myself.


Take time to take in the simple moments.

There have been a lot of big life changes happening to me lately: quitting graduate school, moving into my new apartment, starting a new job, Mom getting married and moving in with her new hubby. Anyone can feel like just one of those things alone is a lot to mentally and emotionally process. Nonetheless, all of the aforementioned life events are truly wonderful and things that I am grateful for! But, amidst the blessing to free myself from debt, the ability to move into a more spacious, beautiful apartment with my newly, adopted kitty, having the opportunity to grow my career, and my mother finding life long happiness I truly got lost in the shuffle of survival mode.

This is something that I, personally, slip into very easily. I owe this to a difficult period in my life that forced me into survival mode at all times; just trying to get from one day to the next while keeping my head above water and moving towards the next little piece of light that could keep me going. I get what it’s like to feel like every big life change is negative and trying to pull you down five steps back after you feel like you’ve gone one half-step forward.

Many people interpret change, even positive change, as failure. Before their life change, they were able to maintain the regularity of their lives, but they now believe they have caused a riff in their routine and it is ultimately their fault. It is so important to remember that change itself is not the enemy and embracing changes that shake up your life for the better can be the exact answer that you have been searching for.

I am proof that mentally you can readjust to the new found beauties in your life, even if there’s a bit of a slump along the way. Today, I see the changes in my life as successes, not failures, and I take the time to nurture myself, so I can better adjust to life’s many challenges.


Reconnect with nature.

While my choice to quit graduate school has been a difficult transition (upcoming post), it has brought a new gamut of opportunity that I never thought possible. I now have the time to dedicate to my loved ones and go on soul searching adventures that would have previously not have been possible. Now, the time I have to dedicate to my own personal growth and wellness education is showing to be even more invaluable than the education I would have sought along my career path.

My new job has inspired career possibilities I previously hadn’t considered. I now have the ability to see a future harnessing the skill sets that I was hired for. While some days I struggle with the learning curve I have found myself up against, each day is a new opportunity to learn not only about my new position, but also learn about myself and how I can use my abilities for the betterment of my team.

Needless to say, my mom’s new marriage has been an ‘adjustment‘. As an only child, sharing has not always been my strong suit. But, my mom finding happiness makes my heart swell with joy! Though I know our lives are becoming more independent of one another as I get older, we will always have one another. She is my rock and I couldn’t be more grateful for her being blessed with someone who will love her the way she deserves to be loved.

Now that my move is over, I’ve been reminded of how precious the time I dedicate to myself is. My job is rewarding and I feel like what I do is valuable, but I have a yearning in my soul to help people utilizing my life experiences; to reach the world in a way that will use my life as a vessel for positive change. Thus, my love for blogging has been reignited. Each day I now look forward to writing about something that I believe could help change someone’s life for the better.


Find what is right for you.

In addition to blogging, I also use my downtime for moments of self-exploration. Whether reading self-help books or fictional books to inspire my imagination, I enjoy using my free time to invest in myself. When I am doing things in my life that not only stimulate my mind and body, but also my heart, I find that my overall life satisfaction dramatically increases. This is my interpretation of self-love!! How important self-love is and it is so commonly overlooked. Taking the time to read a good book, do my nails, and spend an hour on my bedtime routine are some of the many ways that I enjoy pampering myself. I do this not only for my own self-preservation, but also so that I may  give my 100% to those around me. You can’t share anything from a cup that is empty.

Each day is a new day to rediscover what makes your world beautiful. Some days are a little harder than others to reconnect with the spark in your life, but I feel like these moments truly reflect one of my favorite quotes:

Everything will be alright, maybe not today, but eventually. 

So, while today might not feel as bright as the last, just know that’s it’s just for now. Take the time to enjoy the smaller moments and invest in yourself something that you may be missing. I have become truly more in tune with what I need to fuel my happiness, so take a deep breath and listen to you. Maybe you need to go for a walk, maybe you need to write some thoughts out to reorganize your interpretation of the world, or maybe you just need a relaxing night unwinding with your favorite author. Listen to your inner voice, because your spark may be right inside of you just below the surface.



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