Accountabilibuddies: Friend Fueled Fitness

I have been all over the place when it comes to fitness. Cardio, self-defense training, yoga, weight training, HIIT, kickboxing. I’ve paid for videos, I’ve paid for apps, I’ve paid for classes. A few months ago, I joined a gym! I’ve accepted the fact that I’m probably going to keep switching around my exercise routine, but two things stay consistent: I love working out and being active!

So, what am I doing now? Honestly, I’m trying to keep up (catch up) with my beast of a boyfriend, also known as my: ACCOUNTABILIBUDDY.

I know that, just like my muscles with all these different workouts, you are now confused.

There’s a bike handle just outside of the picture…

What is an accountabilibuddy?

Well, let me tell you. My accountabilibuddy helps hold me accountable when it comes to working out and loving my body. No, my accoutabilibuddy is not judging whether or not I workout or how I workout, or whether or not I choose to put my dinner calories towards marshmallows and dark chocolate pomegranate bites instead of real food. My accountabilibuddy is there to inspire me and encourage me when I work hard, stay consistent, and show up! Over this past summer I ran in a couple 5Ks with my accountabilibuddy, because “he does that… I’ll give it a go!” I have finally given weight lifting a chance after doing a lot of at home cardio-targeted weight workouts. And, I even drink protein shakes now! (Raspberry flavor drops and peanut butter makes for an amazing PB&J shake for breakfast.)

The coolest part? It goes both ways. As his accountabilibuddy, I have inspired him to pick up meal prepping, because I fell in-love with the efficiency (laziness) of it. After I decided to drop some body fat and try to get ripped, he decided he wanted to go harder in the gym too. This summer, we have been getting on the beach for some competitive volleyball league action together!

Now, we don’t have the exact same fitness goals, but we both have them. He lifts using a different program than I do and I like to work yoga into my rest days. We share meal prep ideas, but go about it a little differently. We’re different, but we love to encourage one another to try new things and be our best selves.

Over this summer we have truly discovered the love of biking around the great city of Milwaukee. I love living here and it’s a really easy place to navigate on a bike. There are so many incredible summer festivals filled with delicious food, great, local beer, and enough kettle corn to even put me out. Biking to these different events is a great way to get moving and feel less guilty about having that extra potato pancake!

Overall, this is the best motivation I could have ever asked for. When we plan our excursions together, it always ends up being something not only fun and adventurous, but also blood pumping and body loving. We respect each other’s need to be active and give the respect our bodies require when it comes to consuming food that won’t drag us down, but fuel our active lifestyle together.


Finding someone who you can share a love for fitness with, whether running, lifting, yoga, or just hiking outside, may be just the answer to your own great fitness debacle.

So, go find an accountabilibuddy and get moving together!




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